Officeless Operating System (OOS) Technology Platform to make managing companies easier

Unique and powerful application suite to run the entire business & help each team deliver the best work results

Productivity & Colaboration

Support your workforce with apps to collaborate and change the way they work.


Monitor employee attendance in real-time and accurately.


View timesheets and fill out worksheets in just one application.


Manage employee leave processes faster and easier.


Practical solutions in managing employee tasks and jobs.


Simplify the process of interaction and discussion between employees.


Experience the convenience of meeting online anywhere, anytime.

Sales & Marketing

Give your sales team the right app to
get more deals in less time.

JojoMarketing Intellegence

Get in-depth information and analysis as an effort to make decisions.

JojoLead Manager

Optimize client data management for new potential leads.

JojoSales Team

Effective for optimizing maximum sales and revenue.

JojoSales Pipeline

Track lead status through easy-to-understand visuals.

JojoCampaign Manager

Manage marketing campaigns that refer to customer and prospect information.


Solve business accounting challenges using our suite of the best financial applications in the cloud.


Take full control of the company budget anytime, anywhere.


Simplify invoice creation and bill management with e-invoicing.

JojoAsset Management

Helping you manage assets in real-time, fast and automatically.


Digitizing planning to budget realization reports in one application.


Employee payroll transactions become easier, safer and more practical.

Human Resource

Focus on your people while our app automates your human resource processes.


Get rid of manual payroll processing being automated in minutes.


The HR training process becomes more flexible without being limited by time and place.


Manage an ideal and professional recruitment process.

JojoPerformance - KPI

Define and manage employee performance with precise KPI measurements.

JojoPeople - HRM

Automating HR tasks is super easy and effective.


Stay in touch with customers using a suite of business interaction applications.

JojoCX - Customer Experience

Optimize customer interactions, to encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction.

JojoCommand Center

Smart solutions to control business with fast & precise decision making.

JojoDigital Document

Store and manage important documents in one central location.


Procurement control and management becomes more efficient in just one system.


Enjoy hassle-free business travel that is easier, safer and more reliable.

Intelligence & Customization

Get deep insights from all your data & simplify complex business processes with work flow apps.


Automatic and simple connection of various applications and databases.


Comprehensive & in-depth analytical reports help you make smart decisions.


All-in-one business process tool for automated document management.


Improve expense management efficiency with precise control without the hassle.


Speed ​​up your application development process in a professional manner.

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